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Terramor glamping project formally added to Saugerties Planning board agenda for July 19th 2022

July 19th 2022 Saugerties Planning Board agenda retrieved July 11, 2022 - includes Terramor

Please note that the Terramor glamping project is last in the “Old Business” section of the agenda. It is *possible* that the Board may move Terramor to the front of the Old Business section if they feel that there are so many members of the public there to hear the presentation. This move is not guaranteed, but it does happen.

The Saugerties Planning Board will hear a presentation from the Terramor engineers and developers. By the time of the meeting, the Board and its consultants should have started their examination of the submissions and all of the content in the public file. They should have their own questions about Terramor overdevelopment and the usual concerns about drainage, traffic, noise, septic, etc., etc.

While the public is encouraged to attend the meeting, this is NOT the time when members of the public will be able to stand up in front of the Board and air their own views. Members of the public *can* (and should) write to the Board to express their concerns about Terramor over development. If you write to the Board, send an electronic copy to Becky Bertorelli (, Recording Secretary, asking her to distribute to Board members. To make sure your letter is part of the public record, please say so expressly and particularly.

You can also write to individual Board members. We suggest an email to each person (or use BCC)

Fred Costello (Town Supervisor) C. Howard Post ( Chairperson Carole Furman ( Vice Chair Kevin Brady ( Ken Goldberg ( Michael Tiano ( Len Bouren ( Robert Hlavaty ( William Creen ( Becky Bertorelli ( Recording Secretary

Here are the emails formatted for your BCC field using commas as separator:,,,,,,,,,

Here are the emails formatted for your BCC field using semi-colons as separator:;;;;;;;;;

We hope to have most of Terramor’s newly submitted documents up on this site soon. Probably by July 12th/13th

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