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Terramor Catskills Resort makes official submission to Saugerties Planning Board – Documents w

Here are the documents submitted to the Saugerties Planning Board by Terramor Catskills Resort. These were submitted by the July 5th deadline for the July 19th Planning Board meeting.

The submission consists of 10 documents, 8 of which are contained here. We hope to add the final two documents later. one of the missing documents (#1) is a cover letter, and thus not so important. The other missing document (#8) is a large SWPPP (Stormwater Management) document which we hope to access soon.

Documents are available in a variety of ways: We have archived them locally on this site (see links below) We have a Google Drive here: We have a zip file containing all 8 files here (97.1 MB)

1) Cover letter

2) General Site Plan Application: Terramor-July-5th-Application-02-Terramor-Rev-Town-Site-Plan-App-7-1-22 (202KB)

3) Terramor Responses to NPV Sketch Plan Comment Terramor-July-5th-Application-03-Terramor-Responses-to NPV-3-14-22-Comments_7-1-22 (215KB) (NPV are the Town consultants. This document is a response to their initial comments, which you can see on this page)

4) This is the main application, with drawings, maps and the like. We have extracted the new site plan drawing/map just below. Here is the full Terramor Plan as set July 1st and filed for the July 19th meeting: WARNING! VERY LARGE PDF FILE (83MB)

We have broken it up into smaller chunks below:

Overall site Plan for Terramor Catskills Glamping Resort as submitted July 5th 2022

Picture of Overall Site Plan for Terramor Catskills Glamping Resort as submitted July 5th 2022

See the pdf here: Page-10-Overall-Site-Plan-Terramor-July-5th-Application-04-Terramor-Plan-Set_7-1-22 (3911KB)

  1. Pages 1 – 10 The current situation: Pages-1-through-10-current-situation-Terramor-July-5th-Application-04-Terramor-Plan-Set_7-1-22

  2. Pages 11 – 20 Sedimentary Control Plans: Pages-11-through-20-Sedimentary-Control-Plans-Terramor-July-5th-Application-04-Terramor-Plan-Set_7-1-22

  3. Pages 21 – 30 Grading-Plan: Pages-21-through-30-Grading-Plan-Terramor-July-5th-Application-04-Terramor-Plan-Set_7-1-22

  4. Pages 31 – 39 Layout Plan: Pages-31-through-39-Layout-Plan-Terramor-July-5th-Application-04-Terramor-Plan-Set_7-1-22

  5. Pages 40 – 45 Road Profile Pages-40-through-45-Road-Profile-Terramor-July-5th-Application-04-Terramor-Plan-Set_7-1-22

  6. Pages 46 – 55 Lighting Plan and Various other-details Pages-46-through-55-Lighting-Plan-and-Various-other-details-Terramor-July-5th-Application-04-Terramor-Plan-Set_7-1-22

  7. Pages 56 – 79 Architectural drawings, including tents, lodge, etc. Pages-56-through-79-Architectural-drawings-Terramor-July-5th-Application-04-Terramor-Plan-Set_7-1-22

  8. Pages 80 – 86 Water and Wastewater Concept Plans: Pages-80-through-86-Water-and-Wastewater-Concept-Plans-Terramor-July-5th-Application-04-Terramor-Plan-Set_7-1-22

5) These are lighting details, with brochure: Terramor-July-5th-Application-05-Terramor-Lighting-Cut-Sheets-7-1-22 (4104KB)

6) Here is the Full Environmental Assessment Form Part 1: Terramor-July-5th-Application-06-Terramor-FEAF-Part 1_7-1-22 (3791KB)

7) Traffic Impact Study: Terramor-July-5th-Application-07-Terramor-Catskills-TIS_ 6-23-22 (7246KB)

8) SWPPP not yet available to us(Update: SWPPP details here)

9) Wastewater Report, including plans for wastewater treatment: Terramor-July-5th-Application-09-Wastewater-BOD-Report-7-1-22 (374KB) (BOD stands for “Biochemical Oxygen Demand” or “Biological Oxygen Demand” (USGS)) 10) A very basic memo about well water and distribution thereof: Terramor-July-5th-Application-10-Water-Supply-BOD-Report-7-1-22 (136KB)

These documents form the first basis for the Saugerties Planning Board to examine the development. The Board will also have input from their own Town Planner, consultants, and various other agencies. This is the beginning of a very long process.

Interested parties can use these documents to send letters to the Planning Board addressing technical (and philosophical) issues raised by the Terramor project, including potential claims of the trouble with Terramor over development.


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