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About Terramor overdevelopment and the July 19th Saugerties Planning Board Meeting

Terramor Catskills is a large “glamping” project planned for a 77 acre parcel of land stretching from the northeast side of Route 212 near South Peak Vets, around to Cottontail Lane off Glasco Turnpike.

This subsidiary of KOA proposes 75 individual glamping tents. Each tent will be able to sleep between 2 and 5 people and will have its own bathroom and fire pit. The Terramor development will also feature a lodge with restaurant, a pool, grilling stations, an events pavilion, employee housing and various other facilities. The application contains a looped road crossing several wetlands, several wells, a septic treatment plant releasing treated water into a wetland, several parking lots, many stormwater ponds, and many hiking trails.

All of this will be described by the developers in their appearance at the Saugerties Planning Board on Tuesday July 19th, at the Senior Center on Market Street near Cantine Field (map here). The meeting starts at 7:30pm, but the Terramor project is part of “Old Business” and thus is unlikely to happen before 8:30pm. Realistically, it might be later.

NOTE: This is not the Public Hearing part of the process. That will happen at a different, later, meeting of the Saugerties Planning Board. The earliest that a Public Hearing could happen is August 16th.

This is a very large project in a quiet part of Saugerties. It requires careful examination and a lot of scrutiny. It is vital that concerned citizens show up in numbers at this first meeting. This shows the Board and the Terramor developers that community concerns must be taken seriously.

July 19th 2022 Saugerties Planning Board agenda retrieved July 11, 2022 - includes Terramor

Again, while the public is encouraged to attend the meeting, this is NOT the time when members of the public will be able to stand up in front of the Board and air their own views. Members of the public *can* (and should) write to the Board to express their concerns about Terramor over development. If you write to the Board, send an electronic copy to Becky Bertorelli (, Recording Secretary, asking her to distribute to Board members. To make sure your letter is part of the public record, please say so expressly and particularly.

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