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Terramor plans withdrawn

On February 8th Terramor Outdoor Resorts formally withdrew their special use permit request from the Saugerties Planning Board.

Thank you to everybody that supported our efforts - and the work is not done!

We are working with our aligned organizations to identify appropriate uses for the property and plan the next steps.

Please donate and help with our costs.

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Citizens Against Terramor

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Citizens Against Terramor

Terramor is seeking a Special Use Permit from the town of Saugerties for a proposed Glamping Resort in a neighborhood community.  Located along NYS Route 212 between South Peak Veterinary Hospital and Glasco Turnpike, the 77-acre resort is designed for up to 270 visitors per day and will endanger over 9 acres of wetlands. Many of the 90 proposed structures are planned within 100 feet of the border of private residences in a Medium-Density designated area.
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People on-site



Acres of threatened wetlands

Gallons of water daily


Square feet of structures


terramor before and after map.png



Terramor proposes an "Outdoor Resort"with approximately 60,000 sq feet of building including:

  • 75 fixed station camping units

  • Employee housing

  • "Lodging" building

  • Reception center

  • Restaurant/bar

  • Pavilion

Terramor's plan poses risks to our communities and natural resources, including:

  • Habitat Loss

  • Wetland reduction and impact

  • Water table reduction

  • Increased traffic

  • Fire and air hazards

  • Pesticide use

  • Water runoff and flooding

A resort does not belong in a community
Terramor threatens our communities and our precious natural resources

Terramor-Wetlands-Delineation--AJD-Application-to-Army-Corps 58.jpg

Make your voice heard

We are Citizens Against Terramor, concerned neighbors who live between Saugerties and Woodstock and we need your help.
Join your neighbors to help protect our land, water, and wildlife.

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